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What is CervixCheck?

CervixCheck is a research study aimed at increasing participation in screening for women and persons with a cervix who are not up to date with regular cervical cancer screening. CervixCheck provides a way for eligible women to register through a secure website to receive a kit to complete cervix screening at home. It is meant for people who have not attended routine cervical cancer screening and have not had a cervical screen in the last 3 years or more. By registering through this website, a screening kit is mailed to your home for you to safely and easily collect the sample yourself. Once you’ve collected your sample, you mail the kit back for testing using the postage paid package. Your screening results will be available online through your CervixCheck account.

The website was developed in partnership with the BC Centre for Disease Control, and the project is offered through BC Cancer. CervixCheck is a research project, and ethics approval has been granted from the University of British Columbia, BC Cancer Research Ethics Board (H18-00511). CervixCheck is currently available by invitation only from participating centers in British Columbia. The findings from this initial research project will inform possible expansion in the future. At this time, repeat screening using CervixCheck will not be available.

CervixCheck is offered at no cost. The device used for at-home cervical cancer screening is a FLOQ Swab, developed and manufactured by COPAN Diagnostics Inc.

Why CervixCheck?

CervixCheck was created as way to address some of the challenges women face keeping up-to-date with cervical cancer screening (pap testing) such as

  • Not having time during regular clinic hours
  • Having a male family doctor or one who does not do pap testing
  • Not comfortable with a pelvic exam (Pap test taken by a health care provider)
  • Time and distance to travel to a clinic

CervixCheck is not intended to replace existing cervical cancer screening currently offered by your health centre. It is offered as a way to improve access for individuals who do not attend regular cervical cancer screening.​​

Cervical Cancer Screening

In the province of British Columbia, cervical cancer screening is done using the pap test. To learn more about pap testing, visit the BC Cancer Cervix Screening Program website.

A New Way to Test for Cervical Cancer

CervixCheck uses HPV testing for cervical cancer screening, which is safe and effective. This method allows you to collect your own sample using a discreet kit mailed to your home.
Learn More about HPV, HPV testing, and self-screening

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